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George here i have i have joined the forum this morning. I am 52 and have had the Gastric Sleeve procedure completed, this happened on the 28/7/2018. this is 5 days after surgery and all is pretty good. 

My at my heaviest i weighed in at 168.6 kg, this was on the 25/6/2018. This was the start of 4 week Optifast diet. By surgery date i was down to 153.2 kg, this was not easy as you would probably all know and there was some moments i fell off the schedule, reason for the weight i love food. During this 4 weeks i did manage to increase my fitness as i was told this would aid in a better recovery time. i started walking 3 kms and was up to 7 kms by week of the surgery.

I am 5 days post op and feeling pretty good. Drinking all the fluids pretty easily if i remember to sip. I've had  no real discomfort from after day 2 post op, i was only in over night about 36 hours all up. I look forward to the next phase of this weight loss.

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