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Post Operative Protein Hemp Smoothie

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Hi there, yes my daughter made smoothies when she moved into that phase. There was always left overs! Or she shared with me... she used:

1 banana

a handful of blueberries (frozen)

a scoop of hemp protein powder 

a scoop of linseed meal

1 cup of milk ( we use almond)


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I'm about to have sleeve surgery but yes, after my band twelve years ago, I made fruit/protein smoothies.

The only thing I will say - and its not so much of an issue post surgery when quantities are tiny - I enjoy a lot of these "superfoods" like hemp seeds, flax etc. But boy oh boy they are packed with calories. Whenever I go on a "health kick" and begin eating a lot of those sorts of foods, I gain weight pretty fast!  

Not discouraging anyone from including these foods as they're natural, healthy, nourishing foods that in my mind are better than something manufactured like Optifast but they are very calorie dense and you need to keep the quantity controlled.  Calorie dense and highly nourishing is important when you have no stomach space, but the calories can add up!

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