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Hi Everyone

My name is Michael and I had lap band surgery 3 years ago.

Im not trying to get sympathy here, but I am just hoping to get a bit of support from people who have had surgery themselves. 

i've recently had some rough times where I have admittedly been stupid and resorted to old habits and gained some weight back. I am now trying to get back on the wagon and am wondering if anyone has a meal plan that they could please possibly share with me so I can get kickstarted again. 

I am celiac but I can always substitute items for the gluten free version if needed. 

Thank you all very much! 

I hope to hear from you soon 

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My advice would be go back on the optifast for a week or two, then re-set your portions back to half a cup, mainly concentrating on the protein. Eat healthy home made real food, and avoid anything processed if you can. Snack on tuna, hard boiled eggs, small pieces of roast chicken (chewed very well).
Do you still keep in touch with your clinic, and is there a dietician there? Do you do much exercise?

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Hi Michael
I have been banded since 2008, we all go down that road of apathy at some point during our journey.  I too suggest either the Optifast or at least some other form of shakes to kickstart you off again. You could also google the 5 day pouch reset and give that a go, or even a version of it.

I am doing a form of it starting today. I have been meaning to do it for ages but was forced into it after gorging on a gluten heavy morning tea yesterday and can barely move today. I have Hashimotos disease and gluten intolerant, so I should bloody well  know better!

Try the shakes or reset for at least 5 days then slowly introduce mushies again and see how you go. It isn't a meal plan per se but it will start you off in the right direction. I wish you all the best as it is sometimes a very hard journey where we are constantly looking over our food shoulder lol

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