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ESG - 16 October

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After what seems like a really long wait, I am now in pre-op mode for my endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty on Tuesday 16 October.  I am on three meal replacement shakes a day plus three cups of non starchy veges.  The week prior to my pre-op diet I had started a less severe pre-op...two shakes plus a meal plus three cups of non starchy veges.

Yesterday was a bit of fail for the pre-op diet, but I did learn something. I haven't that full/bloated feel from all the food I would eat while I have been on the pre-op diet, when I overate yesterday I realised I didn't actually like that full/bloated feeling.  I think previously it felt like a comfort thing, yesterday it just felt bloated and uncomfortable.  I shall draw on that feeling when I am tempted or strugging over the next 10 or so days.


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