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I think I've lost my spot on the waitlist.

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Hi guys im in Perth and have been on the waitlist for 13 months. 

Now that my inital appointment is coming up (mid December) i have decided to start researching more into what steps i need to take, how to prepare etc. 


Im going through public health in joondalup. So after doing some reading last night and today. Ive just realised that apparently i was already meant to be taking part in a 12 month supervised weight loss program. And ideally have lost 10% of my body weight prior to being assessed by JBS. I was never advised of this. I was put on the wait list and was under the impression that all the weight loss started after your initial appointment. 

Needless to say I'm devastated. Its on me for not reading the letter correctly and I'm annoyed at my gp for not saying anything at all to me about it. Not weight monitoring etc. In fact i think I've gained weight since being referred.

I have one month until my appointment with my bariatric gp. 

Can anyone offer any advice?  Im contacting joondalup tomorrow and hopefully get some advice. 

Im terrified this is going to kick me back to the bottom of the list. 

Also if my bmi is over 40 and i lose 10% my bmi would be under 40.. does this mean I'm no longer eligible for surgery? 

Also i have a history of depression and anxiety/bi polar. Will this impact my psych eval? 


Thanks guys and gals x




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I guess you'll know today after you have contacted them?  Can you update us later please?

Wishing you all the best.

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Great news! I spoke to joondalup. They have said not worry about the weight gain before the appointment. Once you see us thats when you make the commitment to lose weight. 

She said it takes roughly 3 months between seeing the bariatric gp and the bariatric surgeon. After seeing the surgeon the wait can be anywhere up to 18 months for surgery. 

Theres hope yet

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