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New Bypass- have I not thought enough about this??

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So: I haven't been here for a long, LONG while. 

Long story short: I was a runaway success with the band - lost over my goal weight, I ran a half marathon, wore all the clothes, got all the compliments. 

BUUUT but then I got greedy, got over-filled (basically lied about getting stuck and reflux), got a pouch, had to be unfilled, tried refills... lost all the sensation in my IGLES (lower oesophageal nerves which signal satiety with the band), so never got any satiety again. I could eat until I was bloated with zero satiety. Surgeon gave me the options of re-siting the band, a sleeve or a single-anastomosis bypass. 

I thought with my blown-out lower oesophagus that the sleeve wouldn't be ideal as my reflux would probably be out of control. And for many reasons I didn't want to re-band. 

So here I am, post op SAGB. 

TBH I had been looking forward to this surgery so much- to get back to the happy, healthy place I was before I started abusing the band- that I just wanted it DONE. 

But I had been rushing towards it so much that now I'm a bit like: WTH have I done?? I'm sore and tired and I know there is no easy going back from this one... 

I know it will improve from here, but now I'm just spoiled worried because less is known about the long term effects of the SAGB vs. Roux-en-Y, but the risks with ReY are just so much bigger...


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I have a mini bypass, several years post band. Couldn't be happier.  I started optifast on August 1st, bypass on the 15th, have lost 37 kgs. I just eat normal food in small amounts, I'm not eating much processed food and nothing overly sweet. So much better than the band. Make the first 6 months work for you, as apparently it slows down after that.

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