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I had the gastric sleeve done in 2013. Exactly one year later I hit my lowest weight, the honeymoon was over.

STATS:-   Highest weight 117kg 2010
              2013- I was 109kg on the day of surgery a year later I was 74kg. Total loss 35kg.
              2018 - I was 90kg on the day of surgery. Gain of 16kg and climbing.

Actually on the day I went in to see the surgeon I was 88kg. 

I explained to him I had maintained around 77kg-80kg for the past 4 years. I could feel myself losing control, I could eat nearly a whole scotch fillet steak!  My surgeon said he would rather that I did just eat a whole steak, but after a ct scan we could both see my sleeve had been significantly stretched. More than twice the size of the original size 38 French Bougie.  He said he could put maybe 5 bougies in my pouch now.  Psychologically and now physically I knew that I was on the slippery slope to gaining it all back on.

I told my surgeon I was ashamed of myself, that extra bite, the wine, etc.  He said not to be, that I hadn't gained it all back on and my stomach was still smaller than a normal sized stomach.
I had gained 16kgs though and I could feel it, the pockets on my hips, my thighs rubbing again and that euphoric feeling of clothes fitting and even being loose was gone.

He offered a gastric bypass.  This put me in a spin! A decision, research, worry. 
I decided on a resleeve.  You can ask me why but really it is a personal decision my research and experience made me go with the resleeve, others choose the bypass.

I didnt have to do shakes before the surgery and I gained 2 kgs in the 4 weeks before the operation.  I did indulge in really good food.  It was funny though because I knew I could have those foods again, I had to keep telling myself that, there is no deprivation with the sleeve just moderation, but I ate, mostly thick toast with butter and I had KFC twice - I knew you would want to know :)

So now I am in the first 6 days after being resleeved, the fluids only stage.
I came out of hospital Day 4 weighed myself and had gained 1.2kg! Fluid more than likely.
Day 6 I have lost 3 kg, fluid again, but its a loss and Im under 90kg again! Never will I be 100kg again.

Things Ive learned about the sleeve:
1. You can stretch the sleeve

2. The pouch reset does not work

3. Heartbreak works, I lost 17kg last year because I couldn't eat, proved I could still lose weight.

4. That extra bite counts. If you are full and have that extra bite you are risking stretching.

5. Dont drink with meals.  I did all the time, never thought about it. It was washing the food down making room for more. (Thats only after it stretched definitely not in the first few years)

6. Eat your protein first and make it the best piece of protein you can buy, you're worth it.

7. Losing weight is the best feeling, wearing nice clothes is wonderful, getting compliments so exciting, being able to be more active doing yoga, walking the exercise you like to do. These have to outweigh the taste of that pizza.

8. You do not have to exercise to lose weight.  It is what you put in your mouth that will determine your weight loss.  Do not stress about the gym, do not feel guilty about not exercising.  Do it because you enjoy it. At first I walked, I could feel things tightening but I did not lose weight from exercising, I did lose centimetres and gained muscle centimetres though.  I do a lot of yoga now, I started year 3 out of sleeving.  At first I couldnt lie flat on my back, now I can do the splits at 54 yrs old!

9. THE SLEEVE IS A TOOL  it really is. You can sabotage it, outwit it and abuse it and the recourse is that you will gain weight and lose control of your eating....experience talking here.

10. It is the best thing I ever did for myself.  It changed my life, my confidence levels....it did not change my psychology.  I still think Im size 24, I still want to eat a cream donut, I still use food for comfort, reward, recreation, companionship.

11. The sleeve is not the easy way out, we that have gone down this path know that but it is a miracle tool for us to use.

 If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. (Wayne Dyer)

I know I could look at my resleeve as a failure but I choose to look at it differently.
There are so many positive lessons I learned about myself and the sleeve in the past 5 years, I hope by sharing some of my experience it will help someone else out there.


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Wow!  What a journey!

Thank you for an honest, accountable update.   I totally agree with all points (although for me I do exercise - yes, walking only, but briskly and for a reasonable time, and I have dogs :) = get me out walking ).

When I went through Cymbalta Withdrawal, I could and eat everything in sight. It frightened me how much I could eat. I put on 8 kg in 7 months.  Went back on Cymbalta for nerve pain, (but as a bonus it has an appetite suppressant effect on me) and I have slowly lost 6.2 kg over this year.

Over the last month I have developed functional problems with my oesophagus (dysmobility) diagnosed by a real time barium swallow.   It was also noted that my gastric  sleeve remnant is somewhat "capacious".  I took that to mean 'roomy'.  A Dr friend of mine said that "was radiological speak for large and floppy" :(  .  My bariatric surgeon wants to see me, and I am guessing that I shall also have to see a Gastroenterologist.

Wishing you all the best for the future!

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Restretching your stomach happens with bands too.  And not through "overeating" the way people think about it so you should not feel ashamed.  With the band, you stretch out your pouch above the band it causes all sorts of problems.  I was very unwell as a result, 12 months ago but I was a pretty compliant band patient and very successful. Even so, I overate, just that bite here, that bite there, and over time, I began to have problems.

This time, with my sleeve, I am going to measure that half cup portion FOREVER, and I will take heed of the advice that when you get to the stage of needing more than half a cup three times a day, eat more often, not more at one sitting.

I do think we need to remember, our bodies are smart and we are deliberately underfeeding them. That bite here and there that's one more than your new stomach can really hold is a survival instinct, not greed or gluttony and it really takes vigilance and determination to avoid it.


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