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We need more Aussie youtubers and instagrammers!

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I really havent read and read and read about gastric sleeve before being sleeved last week.  I mean, I've been down the WLS path, I know what to expect, even from a different tool.

But I swear my phone listens to me. Suddenly my youtube suggestions were all these what I eat in a day things and they were all American. All I can say is YUCK!  Even people who call themselves things like Foodieturnedsleevie - what they eat is utter crap.  Packet this, box that, protein bar protein bar protein bar.  With sausage and cheese on the side.  But hey, if you hit 90g of protein, who cares about the hydrogenated fats, additives, artificial sweeteners, right?

I do not plan to eat this way, and have fed a family a healthy plant full diet for years but googling around, gee, there's not many inspiring people (to me anyway) out there! 

Suggestions gratefully recieved.


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