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Day 4 post Sleeve... what’s your experience

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Hi All 

I’m 4 days post Sleeve. I’m feeling pretty good, apart from the random spasms in my tummy that can hurt a bit. I’m not using my pain meds trying to deal with out it which has been fine. Food wise I’m slowly getting more in which is good about 35ml per meal atm not sure if this is enough? 

I’d love to hear your experience so far and what I could expect, and if it will get easier as time goes on. I have a 5 month year old so am trying to be fit and healthy for him. 



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Yes, it does get better. I found by about the 4-6 week mark I was full of energy and over the worst of the dehydration, tiredness and week 3 plateau. This phase is (mostly, some people go through it longer) short lived, so just concentrate on getting your water and protein in and let your body heal. It's been through a lot.

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