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Band and Plication or Sleeve ?

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Hello everyone - As my name suggests, I am a newbie to this forum, finally joined today after “stalking” for days :D

I have about 36 kgs to lose, BMI of 36.5, age 45. I was consideting the sleeve after researching for weeks. Then I met a surgeon who suggested Band with Plication. While it sounds like a good option due to the potential  “reversibility” , I am not sure if it has good results plus are there any complications? If you had this procedure done, could you please share your experience short term and long term ? Also who was your surgeon ? I am in Sydney. Thanks everyone - looking forward to some help with deciding. 

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I have a good friend who had a band with plication. She lost about 80% of her excess weight but couldn't lose any more. I know she was not all that pleased with her results and wished she'd gone with the sleeve.

Bands have a high failure rate - slippage, erosions and difficulty getting the amount of balloon inflation just right (which can involve multiple trips to the doctor) are some of the common side effects. Even though they are technically reversible, there is still a significant amount of scarring with plication and bands so if you wanted a re-operation you may have to go with a gastric bypass anyway. Sleeves have higher rates of weight loss and less hunger because of the removal of the part of the stomach that produces hunger hormones.



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