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7 years post lap band and now three weeks post 360 body lift

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Hi everyone!

My name is Elle and it's been probably 5 or 6 years since I signed on to this site.

Basically, I had a lap band inserted at the age of 18 (2011) as part of a publicly funded study on adolescents in Adelaide. I lost 40kg in 2011/2012 and have successfully kept the weight off since then! Three weeks ago I (finally) underwent a circumferential body lift to remove the excess skin from my abdomen (my surgeon removed a whopping 4.8kg of skin!!!), and will undergo a mini thigh lift in 8 days time.

So here are a bunch of photos of me over the years!

The first two pictures I was probably around 90-95kg at 16 years old - the biggest I got was 110kg but there are no photos of me at that size because I was too ashamed to have my photo taken.

167331_496804153615_2850356_n.JPG.5e653bcbfad3e18f7eeb08cafeb0465a.JPG 179628_496804863615_1782349_n.JPG.de05ee1a021eb46509f9fb533c33e3a6.JPG

The third picture shows me at 95kg versus 65kg.


The next two are a couple of travel photos - I always wanted to travel but was too self conscious before banding, I am so happy that I have been able to see and accomplish as much as I have post weight loss.


The 6th photo is me at 70kg (my happy weight, 65kg was impossible to maintain) three weeks ago, the night before my body lift surgery.


The last photo is me now, three weeks post op! I am still swollen, but I finally don't have an apron!!! I will certainly not be missing the 4.8kg of skin that they removed!


So excited for my thigh surgery next week - I feel like it will kind of mark 'the end' of this weight loss journey :)

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You look great-you were always pretty (although you prolly didn't feel it!)  but now you're amazing.  Well done!

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Wow! You must be so happy. I can't wait for my 360 body lift. 

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