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Ashford Dr Sabine

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Finally had my first consultation few weeks ago with dr Sabine went so much better than I expected very positive.

Dr agreed with me in regards to the bypass RNY.

Still have over 5 months until my 12 month cut off so he said when I'm closer will have another meeting with him and the surgeon this time then see Dietician before surgery day :)

Much more straight forward no hurdles.

should have surgery end of September cannot wait I have already started stocking up on protein powder and canned tuna and salmon which no doubt I'll be living off for a while :) love finding deals and specials!

Ashford seems to be the way to go!!


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I'm so glad the consult went well. 5 months will fly by for you (I hope). I personally find it hard to believe it's already April. 2 more months and we will be halfway through the year. Keep posting, reading up on everything and asking any questions you may think of no matter how big or small. Does your surgeon have a fb or online support group? Mine has a fb group for his patients which I find really helpful and he even replies to posts as well as posts good information. 

This is such an exciting time for you. It's the first big step to your new life. 

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