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gastric sleeve but weight loss in general

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hey guy ime about 2 months out from sleeve surgery here in newcastle, i have chose my surgeon yet so open to suggestions, so ime doing homework as to what i should be doing knowing that it will be milkshake time soon enough. 

i have some concerns about the loose skin post op. ime expecting to lose a lot prob 40 kg or more. any advice appreciated, to any of the above .

i noticed wright is getting a bit high in price but i can go to maitland cheaper , is this a good idea though ?

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Hi there :). Wow 2 months to go. It must be both exciting and scary all at the same time! 

I didn’t have the surgery but my 18 year old daughter did 18 months ago so I can let you know what we all learned as a family. Particularly looking back. The shakes weren’t as bad as she thought. But what really helped was a website called “opticook” where a lovely woman has dedicated a website to yummy meals that are allowed on the pre-op diet. So she filled herself with meals cooked from her website and she lost 8 kg in 14 days. 

The other thing that I believe is really important looking back is trying to change old habits now rather than waiting for the surgery to do the work as it will in the long run, fail if new habits aren’t developed. So I would strongly suggest that you start walking now every day to prepare your self for this to become a new habit you bring with you post-op. It’s still something my daughter struggles with and has consequently, plateaued before reaching her goal weight. This will also help with loose skin but I think loose skin is unavoidable when you lose a large amount of weight in a short time period. Lots of people return after a few years to have their lose skin removed. But from our experience, that is something to consider once your confident about maintaining your desired weight and have developed good habits that will ensure you don’t have your skin removed only to gain weight again in the following year. 

I cant comment on surgeons. You just need to go with who is best for you once you’ve considered all the variables ( price, location, reputation) 

Best of luck!


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