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Gastric Sleeve Surgery - Adelaide

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Hi all

Firstly I want to start off by saying I have been reading these forums for a short while now and the content has really been a great help, thank you to everyone who contributes and shares their experiences.

Some background: I have lost 90kg the hard way (diet, exercise, heavy restriction, and hard work) about 5 years ago, but due to my current work I do not have the time or energy to do it all again. I am by no means looking at the gastric sleeve as the "silver bullet", but I am looking at it as a helping hand to get me on the right track.

I've been talking about it a bit with some close friends and one is vigorously against it and it has put some second thoughts in my head this evening. At the moment I am going in on 1 July 2019 to have my gastric sleeve done through Dr Teague in Ashford Medical.

I guess I am looking for some people's perspectives from their surgeries and their journeys. Any point of views are helpful and I would be appreciative to read through some of them.

Thank you in advance.

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Hi Murbz,

I need to start off by stating that I didn't have the surgery but my 18 year old daughter did about 18 months ago. and we are in Adelaide too :)

It sounds like from your post you are a great candidate for the surgery as you know how to change habits that can lead to weight gain and consequently, undermine any weight loss surgery in the long run.

I wonder what your friends said that has caused you to reconsider? Is it their own personal experiences? Or just an opinion?

I feel really close to this topic because my daughter was so young when she had her op. So I was with her through all of the initial decisions, post op, op, pre- op and now- 18 months out. I hope one day she will contribute to this forum as it really helped us when we were a few months out from surgery and afterwards when everything was new and a little unfamiliar. But she is 19 now and much more interested in other things!!

The first thing I want to say is my daughter says its the best decision she has ever made. No, she didn't say that post-op, but she did at about the 4  month mark when the outcome of the operation started opening doors for her in life that had never been opened to her before. She lost weight fast (about 30 kgs in 4 months) and her confidence and health improved as a result.

We were all really scared before the op but it really was an amazing decision. The month post-op was difficult for her and she cried regularly because it hurt to eat, and the pains were sometimes scary and she would see a doctor to check if her new little tummy had popped- but it never did. We worked out the pains were due to just eating and even a small amount if food was too much in the first month or two. Once her tummy healed and settled, she stopped experiencing pain and as long as she does the right thing, (like not drinking and eating together, not eating too much), she is fine.

She can now eat a small entree size meal and be fine. So dont worry about never being able to eat more than 2 mouthfuls again like some people might tell you- your tummy will stretch a little after the surgery to a size that is sustainable.

We didnt go through Ashford, we went through Dr. Chaloob from Glenelg but another friend of ours did go through Ashford with Dr. Benjamin Teague and she said he was wonderful.

I hope this helps :)





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There is a great deal of misinformation about weight loss surgery in the general community. The consensus view is that weight loss is up to the individual and if it fails, well then it's because the individual didn't work hard enough, was greedy, was lazy, didn't want it badly enough .... all the moral judgements then apply. To be fat is to be judged. Then when you try to do something about it with surgery the judgement is even greater - just eat less, move more. Yeah great, thanks for that. Like that advice ever worked long term for anybody.


The truth is, weight loss surgery in its various forms is the ONLY proven treatment we have so far - no combination of diet/exercise, drugs or psychological intervention have been shown in randomised controlled trials (the gold standard of any research undertaken) to be as effective for long term weight control. It is life saving, but because of the view that weight control is up to the individual and has little to do with environment, upbringing, social status, economic hardship or education and that we just need to try harder, eat less, move more, don't be so greedy, or lazy we'd be able to lose weight. Bollocks to that.


I've lost more than 50kg three times in my lifetime (I'm 51), the "hard" way (your words). Believe me, losing and maintaining my weight after my sleeve surgery in 2015 was as hard, or harder than losing it "naturally". I've been able to lose weight AND KEEP IT OFF because of my sleeve and my own fucking hard work. Every day I exercise, watch what I eat and recommit to weight maintenance. No part of it is easy, ever. But it's worth it.


Tell your friend to shut up, it's your body and your health. Tell them that 50-60% weight loss surgery patients maintain their losses for the rest of their lives, compared to those who lose weight "naturally", or the "hard" way - 98% regain the weight they've lost after two years. Let that sink in - almost 100% of people who lose weight by diet and exercise regain what they've lost soon after stopping whatever diet they were on. I'm living proof of that.


Weight loss surgery is a blunt tool but it's one that works. Until there is a drug developed (unlikely) or widespread famine, we as a society will continue to get fatter. Our obesogenic environment will ensure that.


Best of luck with your decision.

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I'm in Adelaide also dealing with Ashford, had a great session with Dr Sabine, will be seeing dr Teague next month to verify and confirm but I've opted for RNY BYPASS.

There's alot of good responses I've heard about Ashford overall and they don't have all that extra added costs for specialists its all once cost for surgery gap anaesthetist no hidden extras really where some others I looked into had extras.

Dr Sabine was great to talk to and he said they go with the straightforward approach.

I'm still 4 months out for the 12 month cut off so that's when my op is scheduled end of September, will be seeing dr Teague end of June to confirm everything and find out more about the surgery and hospitalization stay.

I've been told I'll need to see dietitian before pre-op diet just to be ready for surgery and that's it.

I think they said maybe 2 full days in hospital will be needed depending on how I feel afterwards.

@ReneeB your daughter was very brave, but I assume her life has changed dramatically. It must be like a new life! 

I know of 2 other girls, one was 17 and the other was 19 both had surgery and lost I think 50kgs completely changed everything! They became so much more happier and much more confident!

It's amazing what's capable if we really put our minds to it..

It's definitely a lot of work no matter what surgery you get!

If you want more information I'm now on bariatricpal.com tons more members!!


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