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Hi from devious

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hey guys was just cruising the web an i stumbled on this site its great ive had my first appointment in newcastle with doctorDr Karihaloo an ive been given 6 months to drop 10% of my bmi (16 kg) an a appointment to see a dieticain im excited an concerned all at once woot. oh yeah btw im 6 foot 10 an 264.3 kg after the banding i will be having a gastric bypass sounds like fun ^^

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Hi !! welcome to the group....

I was banded in February this year and am looking forward to a slimmer Christmas... :P

I wish you luck with the journey to the next chapter of your life..I wish I had done this earlier ..BUT hey better late than never ...

My Doctor is Tim Wright Dietitan Bronwyn James ...they work together in the Obesity clinic in Charlestown..Its o.k to mention your doctor here most of us do..some have the same surgeons but its amazing how different our journeys are even though its similar as well.. :? :lol:

Once again WELCOME....


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Hi Devious, I was banded by Costa on the 17th May and I see Cathy his dietician as well. I have lost jsut over 10kgs and am so happy with my decision to get banded. I jsut had my first fill today, with Dr Gani as Costa is away on holidays all went well I think I ahve just had a cup of soup for tea whilst the rest of the family ate pizza but that was ok. I also attend the support group run by Cathy on the first Monday of the month up at Lake Mac Private hospital the last couple of meetings there were not that many people there but that could have been the weather as well as it was not too nice. Well good luck with your decision.


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