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Am I impatient?

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Hi all, I am feeling disappointed annoyed and almost depressed, I have appeared to lose no weight in the last 2-3 weeks despite having a fill of 1 ml on 9th May, this being my second fill since surgery on the 23rd March. It seems since the initial weight loss everything has slowed and possibily even stopped. I am not sure if I am eating correctly, I don't seem to eat that much, and only eat off my portion plate at night, I do feel a little different this fill but I dont feel like I did following surgery. I hear about weight loss slowing but does it happen this quick? I had hoped to be able to lose at least 10-15 kg before this happened- boo hoo. To make matter worse I dont see my surgeon again for another 5 weeks, I'm questioning whether I should call him and see if I should push for another fill or is this like a learning curve time where I am suppose to be patient and really exercise that self control (that I know we need) to get me through??? Of course I know I need to exercise more and drink more fluids too which I guess makes a difference but this feels so similar to previous weight loss attempts where I lose a bit then bang it all stops.

Any thoughts anyone?

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Have you taken measurements? Sometimes you may see no results on the scales but you may be losing cms instead of kgs?

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Hey Ashnz,,

Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog.

I was a really fast eater, I was in a hurry to get as full as I could, to have my share and to have enough.

I was really eager to get my band and I calculated in my head how skinny I would be on my birthday that year, by Christmas, Easter, my cousins wedding...


Four years and three months later I've lost 46 kilograms.

And you know what?

I am so much happier now I have let go of the 'I must I must get thin before I get happy' and I'm just exploring ways to fill out into the new me.

Best of luck with your journey,

Kind regards,


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