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South brisbane pre bander Anyone been operated by Dr Reza Adib

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Hi Kaikais, I’m glad I’m not the only one who felt this way lol...

I didn’t get a chance to ask any questions, I’m accessing my super to pay for the surgery and when I asked on the process , he told me “the girls will explain” I guess he is busy. I’ll just wait to be contacted to find out they next steps.

From what I’ve found on the internet he seems to be a great surgeon, but the consultation did make me a bit nervous!

Which surgery are you having , if you don’t mind me asking? And have you booked a date?


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Sorry for my late reply, im figuring out how to use this!  Im having the sleeve and yup im booked in (tentatively) for 09/03.

His receptionist explained the super access and gave me paperwork that step by step goes through it, basically u need to go back to ur gp with the application for early release of super on compassionate grounds form from dept human services, get ur gp to complete it, then apply online through mygov.

if ur still waiting on that paperwork, the u can speed up the process by joining mygov and linking a centrelink acc (if u have a centrelink numb)

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He is operates out of Wesley hospital and Sunnybank and i think Greenslopes as well his rooms are opposite the Wesley private hospital.

I'm choosing Sunnybank as its the closest to me i'm from jimmy. Where abouts are you from??









Hi kimberly71,

I know it’s a few years on but I was wondering how all went from the beginning to now?

I have just started looking at Doctors and Dr Adib is on my list.

I also live in jimmy lol

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