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Dr Layani ??? - 50% off out of pocket expenses

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Hi Everyone!

I'm just new to the site and have been happily trolling through all the posts and it's been a huge help! :D

I did want to know as I haven't seen anything about this doctor anywhere yet if anybody had used him or knew of somebody that had?

Good, bad??

I have my referral and have intentions of using Dr Blair Bowen as he was the one that impressed me the most out of all the seminars I had been too. However I stumbled across this doctor (about the same time i found this site actually) and he is currently offering 50% off the out of pocket expenses. Now I know the age old saying "you get what you pay for" and as I said I was/am planning to use Dr Blair; my thought however was that if there was anybody who knew of him and would recommend then I may go for a consult and meet him too. Quite frankly a few thousand $$$ I would happily keep in my pocket if I liked him and he came recommended

He has a seminar at the Gold Coast next Tuesday unfortunately I live about 2-21/2 hrs away :-/ so any advise on him would be much appreciated before I make that journey.

See below link to his site


Thanks!! :)

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Yeah i know him. He's done hundreds of bands. He's very experienced and has everyone you need to see like dietitian and psychologist all under one roof, which is handy.

They have a Facebook page which i follow too. WeightLoss Solutions Australia it's called.

Mel is a patient and also their Facebook page moderator, so get in touch with her, she'll give you a better idea what they can do.

Good luck.

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Thanks for the response Fills - I didn't know how legit he was as I just haven't heard about them at all. One of the main reasons I chose Blair (besides from above) was the abundance of information about him plus my friend and her family used him. It could also just be that you need to find it out and then you see it everywhere. Hopefully I will be able to organise a trip down there.

ok more questions! :)

Because I have my referral already made out to Blair -would I need to get another one if I chose another Dr?? I haven't asked yet (as if didn't occur to me until now) if I can ring my GP and get him to give me another one, he's not bulk billing so that's a bummer if not.

Has anybody decided on a surgeon only to not like them once you met and gone elsewhere?

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I'm not sure about the referral thing. Call them 55980500 and they might be able to tell you. They're used to people travelling a long way to see them, they had a woman come down from Bundaberg the other day, apparently.

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